About Varehouse


We have some exciting news about Varehouse. I've been working closely with an FBA prep company, McKenzie Services, for some time. We've come to discover that we work exceptionally well together, and have decided to merge. This became effective April 3, 2017. As the original owner of Varehouse, I will stay on with McKenzie Services through the merger and also long-term.

By combining forces, we'll be able to give you even better service than you've come to know and expect from Varehouse. One of those service benefits is your own personal Account Manager.

We're excited to work together and help you grow your FBA business!


James Wilson

Original Owner of Varehouse

Director of Business Development at McKenzie Services

Varehouse History

At Varehouse, we have years of experience in shipping, logistics, and bridging the gap between our customers and their physical goods. Our team is small, and our familiarity with our customers allows us to give them personalized attention. We consider ourselves a part of our customers’ businesses and strive to be valuable to both their bottom line and their peace of mind.

Before spinning off in 2016, Varehouse operated as a division of Earth Class Mail, and was a service known as Virtual Warehouse. Earth Class Mail started shipping and receiving mail and packages in 2006, and has processed over 10,000,000 pieces of mail in the last decade. Varehouse is produced from this successful model to be the ideal warehouse solution for online sellers requiring FBA inspection in America. We are the last stop in the supply chain before our customer's goods are sent to Amazon via UPS.

While most of our customers are Amazon sellers sourcing manufactured goods from China, we have customers who source from inside the US, and customers who fulfill outside of Amazon. We are an adaptable company, so if you have a need for capable shippers and thorough inspections, Varehouse can work for you.

Varehouse will make your life easier by being your eyes and ears, your on-the-ground quality assurance team. If a carrier misplaces, damages, or loses a shipment, we can help you navigate their tracking system and speak to their customer service. When you get ready to scale your business and increase volume, we will help you take the steps we have made with other successful sellers.

We have employees who have worked at Amazon as well as UPS. We draw on that experience to guide novice sellers and lead the charge for our professional sellers to grow their business. We know Amazon regulations and how to get our customer’s products through their system seamlessly. We help navigate the convoluted world of imports, customs regulations, and logistics. Varehouse has a great working relationship with UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS. Our lines of communication are always open with them.

If your business needs a team of reliable, attentive warehouse associates working for you, send us an email . Our service is our product, and we believe it to be tested strong, and proven invaluable.